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Title Search and Exam

Our thorough title search and examination process ensures that properties are free of defects and the title is clear. Expert title examiners provide timely, accurate title commitments.

What is a Title Search and Exam?

A title search is a comprehensive examination of public records, including deeds, mortgages, and other documents, to determine the legal ownership of a property and ensure that the title is clear. A title exam is the process of evaluating the information obtained during the title search to issue a title commitment, which summarizes the results of the title search and outlines any potential issues.

What do realtors need to know about a title search?

Realtors need to be aware of the importance of a title search and exam for protecting the interests of their clients. A thorough title search and exam can help identify any potential issues with the property, such as liens, judgments, or encumbrances before the sale is completed. Realtors who choose Alliance Title for their title services can be confident that their clients are protected and the sale will go smoothly.

Are all title searches equal?

No, not all title searches are equal. Some title companies use automated systems, which can miss important information or provide inaccurate results. Alliance Title uses expert title examiners who conduct thorough, manual title searches to ensure the most accurate and comprehensive results.

Why Alliance Title is the Expert Choice

Alliance Title has a team of expert title examiners who have extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate industry. Our thorough title search and exam process ensures that properties are free of defects and the title is clear. We provide timely, accurate title commitments that you can trust.

Choose Alliance Title for your next title search and exam. Our commitment to quality, accuracy, and timely results sets us apart from the competition. Contact us today to schedule your title services.